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Confidence - Can it be bought?

Updated: Feb 28

How does one really describe confidence? Of course there are dictionary definitions of the word but what does that really all mean? Does standing tall and proud really make a person feel confident?

Confidence is finding the fuel that you need to make your fire burn. It’s finding the spark that ignites you so ferociously that your only concern is following that desire, so much so that nothing else will get in the way of it. Really and truly, confidence is like putting a pair of blinkers on a horse so they can only see forwards. It doesn’t mitigate the fact that other distractions are happening on the other side of the blinkers, it’s just the horse can’t see them to be scared by them. Confidence is merely knowing what you want and going after it no matter what. The world will throw obstacles and challenges in your way but if you care enough about what it is that you want it won’t stop you from getting it, in fact it may well help you get it. Even if it just spurs you on more.

So how does one teach confidence? Well I don’t; because confidence isn’t a quick fix pill that can be taken with your morning coffee. It’s a state of mind that can only be achieved from looking within. Often these days we are drawn into the powers of marketing and social media to believe that confidence can be gleaned from how we look, what we own, who makes us feel seen but really and truly confidence can only ever be created from ourselves, for ourselves. So of course it cannot be taught, but it can be found.

Confidence is a feeling and by definition that means that it will fluctuate, ebb and flow, perhaps be influenced by our environment. It is my goal within my teaching to help my students access the components within to find their inner strength. To give the tools and help find the fuel that sparks the fire within to help them burn brightly and without concern. To be empowered. However to answer the original question: No, it cannot be bought. It can merely be nurtured, watered and pointed towards the light - the rest is down to the individual to grow towards it.

Confidence - blooming

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